The Lotus v Lotus case: An empty victory?

Published 22 June 2011 By: Andrew Nixon

By Andrew Nixon and Ashley Wootton. The High Court handed down its ruling in the case of Group Lotus Plc and Lotus Cars Ltd v Team Lotus Ventures Limited, Tony Fernandes and others at the end of last month. The key issues that were tried related to the rights of the parties to race in Formula One using the Lotus name, a dispute over a Licence Agreement entered into between 1 Malaysian Racing and Group Lotus in December 2009 and t he goodwill attached to the Lotus Brand. The headline ruling was as follows:


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Andrew Nixon

Andrew Nixon

Andrew Nixon is a Partner in the Sport Group at Sheridans. Referred to in this year's Legal 500 as a “very bright and talented sports lawyer” Andrew's practice focuses principally on regulatory, governance, disciplinary, arbitration and dispute resolution within the sport sector. Andrew's clients include governing bodies, sports clubs, sports agencies and individual athletes.

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