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25 key articles on trade marks in sports

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Tuesday, 31 October 2017

Trade marks in the sports industry are becoming increasingly valuable and important. Below is a list of our key articles that address their application across a range of issues in sport, including the football industry, the Olympics, and the fight against counterfeits.

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Olympic Sport

How to register an Olympic Logo – The story of Tokyo 2020
By Alex Kelham, Jackie Bolton

Navigating Olympic advertising: Rule 40 – a global perspective
By Alex Kelham

Brand protection, trademarks, and the event that shall not be named: Event-specific legislation and the Olympic Games
By Leonard Glickman, Evan Eliasona

A guide to rights protection at major sporting events: Part 1 – identify, prioritise and pre-empt risk
By Nandan Kamath, Roshan Gopalakrishna, and Nihal Zachariah

A guide to rights protection at major sporting events: part 2 – educate, monitor and enforce
By Nandan Kamath, Roshan Gopalakrishna, and Nihal Zachariah



The importance of trade marks in football – controlling brand value & avoiding own goals
By Sean Corbett

Top of the league: How football clubs protect and exploit their brands in a global marketplace
By Rebecca O'Kelly-Gillard, Chris Lavey

Why football players and managers should own their own trade marks
By Charles Maurice, Tom Collins

The current legal status of image rights companies in football
By Pete Hackleton



Trade marks for sport events - how Wimbledon secured their colour mark
By Zane Shihab, Manuela Macchi


Registering non-traditional trade marks in sports

Comparing how image rights laws apply to sport in the US, UK and Europe
By Luca Ferrari, Stella Riberti

Mark my words: protection of athletes’ nicknames & catchphrases in the U.S.
By Joy J. Wildes, Kevin S. Blum

Non-traditional trade marks in sports – an EU perspective
By Manuela Macchi


Trade marks and social media

#OnlinePitfalls – Effective management of sports intellectual property rights on social media platforms
By Leonard Glickman, Michael Alvaro

Navigating social media in the US & UK: our top tips for athletes, executives and sponsors
By Alex Henderson, David Blood, and Danielle Moore Burton

Free speech vs. athletes’ right of publicity: The Supreme Court’s Madden NFL decision
By Frank W. Ryan, Melissa Reinckens, and Matthew Ganas


Fighting counterfeiting in sports

Key tips for sports brands on tackling counterfeiting and grey goods
By Tom Collins

One of the world’s most lucrative industries – the trade in counterfeit sport goods
By Sean Corbett

How to deal with counterfeits in China
By Sean Corbett


General reading on trade marks

An overview of ICANN’s gTLD Programme: what do sports brands need to consider to protect their brand?
By Sean Corbett

Trade marks in US sports: A review of the Vegas Golden Knights & Milwaukee Bucks applications
By Ryan Hilbert

Why the latest Jordan Qiaodan case leaves uncertainty about trademark protection in China
By Hongjun Yao

Protecting a new protective cricket helmet: an IP case study
By Leighton Cassidy, Beverley Potts

Trademarks in sports: an overview
By Leonard Glickman, Jonathan Sherman

Best practice provisions and considerations for sports merchandising agreements
By Christopher Evans Katie Ellis


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