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8 things sports businesses should know before entering into vendor and service agreements

Agreement signing
Thursday, 31 August 2023 By Raj Pahuja

Professional sports organisations (teams, clubs, associations) often enter into a variety of service agreements with third parties relating to its business operations, which are fundamental to the smooth running of an organisation's venue, and the events that are held there. It goes without saying that the food, drink, cleanliness and security play a huge role in the fan or attendee experience at a venue. 

Other examples of business operations included:

  1. fan engagement and ticketing solutions;
  2. concessions relating to food and drink sold onsite;
  3. cleaning and maintenance;
  4. security; and
  5. non-sport related events such as concerts, weddings and trade shows.

Not only can these agreements ensure that a service provider’s duties and obligations are clearly set out in an agreement. It can represent profitable revenue opportunities (such as food and beverage agreements) for your sports organisation, or as an event organiser.

In recent years, we have witnessed a number of important factors that can affect service or vendor agreements or sub-contracts, including the increase in supplier costs, shortage of staff, delays in the supply chain and increased demand. It is therefore important that agreements are drafted well and are robust to prevent your organisation from incurring unwanted liability.

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Written by

Raj Pahuja

Raj Pahuja

I am a partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors. As a commercial lawyer with broad international and domestic experience in a variety of sectors, including sports and events, I take a great interest in advising on complex laws which govern businesses of all types. From advising on sponsorship arrangements, event management, concessions, franchising, licensing and IT contracts on the commercial side and M&A, debt and equity arrangements and shareholder issues on the corporate side, my experience is broad. I have significant international experience, having lived and worked in the Middle East and acting on a number of key sports events in the region. My clients include sports management companies, athletes, sporting brands, private equity investors, and event organisers.    


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  • Michael Tolond

    • 05 September 2023 at 11:48
    • #

    An excellent summary of key contractual issues which can be used internally at a County Football Association.
    Michael Tolond
    Legal Director
    Leicestershire & Rutland County FA


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