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Decoding the Indian Premier League Media Rights Sale – Part 2

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Friday, 01 December 2017 By Nandan Kamath, Roshan Gopalakrishna

In part one of this article, the authors provided a brief introduction to the IPL’s history and commercial structure, described the background to and the nature of the Supreme Court of India’s intervention to implement governance reform in the BCCI, and the salient aspects of the tender and media rights sale process.

In part two, the authors discuss and analyse the key takeaways from the media rights sale, its probable impact of the valuation of rights on the global cricket economy and what it portends of the future for various stakeholders. Specifically, they examine:

  • The tender structure

  • The strength of the IPL brand

  • The rise of new media

  • The Indian broadcast ecosystem

  • The global cricket rights landscape

  • The impact on Star’s subscription and advertising rates

  • The impact on BCCI, franchises and players

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Written by

Nandan Kamath

Nandan Kamath

Nandan is Principal Lawyer at LawNK, based in Bangalore, India. His practice specialises in sports, technology and media laws, with clients ranging from international and national sports federations, to leagues, teams, sponsors and athletes.
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Roshan Gopalakrishna

Roshan Gopalakrishna

Roshan is Counsel (Sports & Entertainment) at LawNK, a Bangalore based niche law practice specializing in sports, intellectual property, media and information technology laws. In addition, Roshan is also the Chief Legal Counsel at Copyright Integrity International, a world leader in the protection of digital and broadcast rights. Roshan is a graduate of the National Law School of India University, Bangalore.

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