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Fancy buying Sampdoria football club? A short guide to the Italian insolvency process & FIGC rules

Sampdoria Fans
Friday, 05 May 2023 By Luca Ferrari, Matilde Rota

The Italian football club U.C. SAMPDORIA S.p.A. (Sampdoria) is on sale and time is running out.1

Rumour has it that the deadline for the current protection against insolvency pending tentative arrangement with creditors ("composizione negoziata della crisi") will expire in early May, following which, Sampdoria might have no choice but to declare itself insolvent. That could be, however, a strategic option for its "survival".

An investor interested in seizing the opportunity to own the Blucerchiati should then tread carefully between the insolvency procedure and Italian football rules.

This article gives a overview of the interplay between insolvency rules and the Italian Football Federation (FIGC) regulations – a difficult but potentially rewarding ride to acquire:

  1. the football club, from a Court-appointed receiver and

  2. the entitlement to participate in the (sadly but almost certain as we write) Serie B championship, from the FIGC.

First and foremost, the brave investor should be guided by lawyers specialising in insolvency law and sports regulations and (disclaimer) not just rely on the following summary notes.

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Written by

Luca Ferrari

Luca Ferrari

Luca Ferrai is the Global Head of Sports at Withers. He specialises in sports marketing and sports law and provides legal advice to athletes, footballers, agents, coaches, managers, clubs, leagues, federations, investors and sponsors. He provides advice on: sponsorship contracts; playing contracts; coaching contracts; managers employment contracts; international player transfers; agency contracts; intellectual property licensing and audio-visual rights licensing. He also has long-standing experience in national and international sports regulatory issues as well as in sports commercial litigation, and in particular national and international sports arbitration.

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Matilde Rota

Matilde Rota

Matilde is a partner in Withers' litigation and arbitration team.

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