The current state and future challenges of the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency

Published 12 July 2018 By: Shoichi Sugiyama

Japan Football with a handshake

The Japan Sports Arbitration Agency (JSAA) is the dispute resolution body in Japan, which provides arbitration and mediation procedures for sport-related disputes. In Japan, as sports attract rising attention in light of hosting of the 2019 Rugby World Cup and the 2020 Tokyo Olympic and Paralympic Games, sport-related disputes are occurring more frequently. Thus, the JSAA is now expected to play an important role in resolving and preventing sport-related disputes in Japan.

This article:

  • outlines the JSAA's organization;

  • overviews of JSAA's arbitration and mediation procedures; and

  • describes the JSAA's future challenges.


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Shoichi Sugiyama

Shoichi Sugiyama

Shoichi Sugiyama is a Japanese attorney specialized in sports law. He is a member of the Japan Sports Law Association, the Japan Arbitrators Association, and the Daini Tokyo Bar Association Law Policy Committee on Sports Law. Shoichi serves as a case manager of the Japan Sports Arbitration Agency and teaches sports law at Chuo University and Nihon University.

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