1st Round winners – LawInSport and Soccerex writing competition

After reviewing many article entries for the LawInSport Soccerex writing competition we have selected the five best articles go through to the next round. Now you have the chance to vote on the article you consider to be the best.
The three most popular articles will win tickets to the Soccerex Global Convention.
The poll will close at midnight on the 31st August 2014.

Here are the winners of the first round:

A - Protecting English football’s heritage - Hull City v Hull Tigers

Richard Bush writes how, as a football fan, he fully sympathised with the horror expressed by Hull City’s fans (or at least a vocal number of them) to last season’s ultimately unsuccessful attempt by the club’s owners to change the club’s name to ‘Hull Tigers’.

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B - Refusal to delivery the ITC in international transfers of football players and free movement of workers within the EU

Josep F. Vandellós Alamilla writes about how during every transfer window without exception, he bumps into a footballer or into a club confronting the same situation which can be briefly summarized as follows: A club wishes to hire a player who unilaterally terminated his employment contract with the former club prior to its expiration.

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C - FIFA’s new Regulations on Working with Intermediaries explained

In this article Jonathan Himpe will explain the new Regulations on Working with Intermediaries and highlight the most important differences with the current Players’ Agents Regulations.

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D - Whom to sue before the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS)? 

Christian Keidel and Alexander Engelhard discuss the difficulties in determining the correct respondent(s) in appeal proceedings before CAS against decisions taken by FIFA and UEFA bodies.

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E - Planning the breakup: the relationship between clubs and managers

Julian Springer looks at the ways in which football clubs can introduce financial certainty to the process of firing managers.

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