Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority release statement on Matt White confession

Australian Sports Anti-Doping Authority release statement on Matt White confession

ASADA is aware of the media statement issued by Matthew White regarding his doping activities while a member of the US Postal Service team.

The confession of doping by Mr White is indeed a serious matter. The action of peer pressure to force any athlete to dope is abhorrent, but does not excuse the choice made by an individual athlete to participate in a team strategy that sets out to deceive the sport and its fans.

ASADA pursues every case of doping as is its obligation under the World Anti-Doping Code and its legislation. In 2010 ASADA became aware of allegations of doping made against Mr White by the American cyclist Floyd Landis. Due to the Federal investigation in the United States and subsequent United States Anti-Doping Agency (USADA) investigation ASADA was unable to obtain information to pursue a thorough investigation.

Due to the extensive nature of the USADA report and the latest admission by Mr White, ASADA will be seeking further information from USADA and Cycling Australia as the relevant national sporting organisation. This may take some time, but ASADA has a duty to be both thorough and accurate in its investigation.

Until this process is completed ASADA will refrain from making any further comments.

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