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CONMEBOL Libertadores Beach Soccer medical and anti-doping report

  • An injury report; the talks and count of anti-doping controls that were carried out during the CONMEBOL Libertadores Beach Soccer 2022, which was held in Iquique - Chile.


The CONMEBOL Medical Commission and Anti-Doping Unit presented its Medical and Anti-Doping Report for CONMEBOL Libertadores Beach Soccer 2022, a tournament that was held in the city of Iquique - Chile, from June 18 to 25, 2023, where 12 South American clubs participated.

This report presents a summary of the injuries suffered by the athletes, a temperature monitoring at the tournament venue during the competition, a follow-up to the educational talks carried out with all the participating teams and anti-doping controls.

In the CONMEBOL Libertadores Beach Soccer 2022, there were a total of 10 injuries suffered by the soccer players in the 32 matches played, including bruises and muscle injuries.

In addition, it is important to highlight that temperature monitoring was carried out before and after the matches, to protect the integrity of the soccer players.

For its part, the Anti-Doping Unit held educational talks with the 12 teams that played in the tournament, totaling an attendance of 250 people, including players and members of the clubs' coaching staff.

A total of 80 urine samples were collected during the competition, in order to carry out the corresponding controls in 20 of the 32 matches played, of which 50% were controls by draw, in 10 Group Phase matches, and the other 50% directed controls, in 10 games of the Final Phase.

The medical team was made up of Dr. Cristian Lavarello as Medical Coordinator, Dr. Sergio Freire and Dr. Federico Gorria as Medical Officers, and Gabriela Gossen as Operational Coordinator.


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