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Decisions of CAF Disciplinary Board – 14 July 2021

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CAF Disciplinary Board held a meeting on 14 July 2021 and took the following decisions:

1- Doping case of the player Oladapo Augustine – Enyimba FC – M. 153 Pyramids FC (Egypt) vs. Enyimba FC (Nigeria) – CC 2020/2021


The result of the player Oladapo Augustine urine test in Bottle "A" which was collected in match N °153 between Pyramids FC (Egypt) Vs Enyimba FC (Nigeria), played on 16th of May 2021 in the frame of Total CAF Confederation Cup 2020/2021 was considered positive due to the presence of a prohibited substances "Prednisolone/Prednisone".

On 18th June 2021, Nigeria Football Federation (NFF) was informed of the result and asked the player to indicate if he wishes to request the analysis of sample “B”.

On 22nd June, CAF received the reply of Enyimba club through NFF indicating that the player has elected to not request the analysis of the 'B' sample.

The club had indicated that any trace of the prohibited substance might have resulted from the prescribed medication the player was on during the same period, and they have communicated the club's doctor's report detailing the medications that were prescribed.

The player Oladapo Augustine was provisionally suspended from all football activities until a final decision is rendered by CAF Disciplinary Board.


The player was represented during CAF Disciplinary Board hearing held on 14th July 2021 by the club’s physician as well as the club’s lawyer.

The Board indicated to the representatives that the player never applied for a therapeutic use exemption and that he is in charge of the substances that enter his body.

The Team physician has highlighted the clean record of the player and that he had no intention for any enhancing his performance by consuming these medications.


- In terms of CAF Statutes and regulations;

- In terms of FIFA Antidoping regulations;

- In terms of CAF Disciplinary Code;


CAF Disciplinary Board decided to suspend the player Augustine Oladapo from all football related activities for a period of twelve (12) months from the date of notification of the provisional suspension namely 4th July 2021.

2- Case of Doctor Adama Sangaré and André Diarra - FEMAFOOT

The CAF Disciplinary Board has decided to initiate a disciplinary investigation against the doctors / officials Dr. Adama Sangaré and Dr. André Diarra of Malian Football Federation (FEMAFOOT), and wishes to hear their answer for the CAF and FIFA Anti-doping rules’ violations.

During this procedure and until its completion, the Disciplinary Board instructs the Malian Football Federation that the doctors / officials Dr. Adama Sangaré and Dr. André Diarra to be suspended from any official function of the Malian Football Federation.

3- Incidents that occurred during match no. 135 E.S.T (Tunisia) vs. EL Ahly (Egypt) played in the Champions League semi-finals, CL 2021


The officials of the aforementioned match indicated in their reports that there were clashes between the police and the EST club supporters in the stands and projectiles being thrown by the public on the pitch and at the police.

The police used tear gas, the gas submerged the stadium. Several police officers, players and photographers could not breathe, the players of the two teams and the referees could not in turn do their warm-ups.

Kick-off was delayed by one hour for the aforementioned reasons.

During the match there were projectiles thrown from the EST supporters on the field, and the use of smoke on several occasions by EST supporters, and only once by Al Ahly supporters watching the match from the boxes.

CAF officials also indicated that the public present at the stadium exceeds the 5,000 authorized by CAF.


- In terms of CAF Statutes and regulations

- In terms of Articles 82, 83.1, 83.2 and 151 of CAF Disciplinary Code


CAF Disciplinary Board has decided to:

- Make E.S.T play their next four (4) CAF interclub matches behind closed doors. However, the board decided to suspend two (2) matches of the sanction in question provided that E.S.T is not guilty of such incidents for a period of 24 months. In the event that E.S.T commits a similar offense during this period, the two (2) suspended matches will be automatically imposed without prejudice to the other sanctions which may be imposed by CAF Disciplinary Board.

- Impose on E.S.T a financial sanction of $ 60,000 (Sixty Thousand US Dollars) for the aggressive and regrettable behavior of their spectators.

4- Decision CL M# 135 EST (Tunisia) vs. Al Ahly SC (Eypt) – played in Rades Stadium, 19 June , Semi Final Champions League 2021


The officials of the above-mentioned match indicated in their reports that the spectators of Al Ahly present in Rades stadium used some flares in the tribunes.


- In terms of CAF Statutes and regulations

- In terms of Articles 82, 83.1 and 83.3 of CAF Disciplinary Code


CAF Disciplinary Board decided to impose upon Al Ahly a financial sanction of 8,000 (Eight Thousand US Dollars) for the unsporting behavior of their spectators.

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