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FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries

FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries

Press Release

29 November 2017

After twenty months from the entry into force of the FIFA Regulations on Working with Intermediaries, the second edition of the book edited by Michele Colucci offers a detailed comparative treatment of the subject, through the analysis of the relevant regulations both at the international level and in 36 major national associations.

Starting from the latest official 2016 TMS figures on international transfer of players, this penetrating analysis of the thorny problems affecting clubs, players, and intermediaries goes a long way towards clarifying the nature of the conflicts and difficulties that may arise.

In light of the FIFA’s goal to achieve more transparency and guarantee integrity in sport, the Authors underline some best practices but also the discrepancies among national regulations and their impact on sports stakeholders in terms of governance

The work is completed with a very useful synoptic table covering the national regulations and links to the national regulations.

More than an academic analysis, this book will provide invaluable guidance to practitioners and policymakers in this stimulating area of the law. In fact, the Authors’ deep understanding of the issues gives this book an immediate relevance in sport worldwide.

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