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Official Statement | RFEF Commitment

Official Statement | RFEF Commitment

The RFEF wishes to convey to the members of the National Team the public commitment made by the new leadership of the institution that governs football in Spain.

The objective is to clearly articulate, without internal or external interpretations, the strategic pillars in this new stage of the Federation that both football and society demand.

The Federation itself is aware of the need for structural changes, as already announced by the President of the Interim Commission, Pedro Rocha, and has begun to materialize them in recent times.

This conviction has led to difficult decisions in recent days that will continue to be made, as there is a firm belief that renewal is necessary.

In this regard, it is absolutely essential, to carry out these changes, to clarify each of the behaviors and actions that may have occurred and, therefore, act with professionalism and justice, determining the relevant responsibilities in each case.

It is evident that the Federation, society, and the players themselves are aligned with the same objective: the renewal and the beginning of a new phase where football is the main beneficiary of this entire process.

Hence, players are urged to join this change led by the Federation, understanding that the ongoing transformations must be robust and fair.

We guarantee a safe environment for the players and advocate for a climate of mutual trust so that we can work together and ensure that women's football continues to progress much stronger.

We must begin to proudly display the star that the players have achieved with so much effort.

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