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The Administrators at Derby County have lodged an appeal against the 12-point deduction imposed on the Club’s 2021/22 season total on 22 September 2021.

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The CAF Disciplinary Board met to deliberate on a number of matters. Below is the summary of CAF Disciplinary Board decisions:

1. Incidents CAF CC 2020-2021 match - SALITAS FC (Burkina Faso) vs Bouenguidi Sports (Gabon):

The Disciplinary Board dealt with a matter of mistaken identity on this fixture on a case of assault. After watching the video in the presence of the referees, it was clearly identified that the aggressor on second assistant referee was Vianney Roby N'na Ango and not Djoe Dayann Boussougou.  

CAF Disciplinary board has decided:

·       To suspend Vianney roby N'na ango for a period of twelve (12) months from all CAF competitions.

2. Incidents CAF CC 2020/2021 Final press Conference – Raja (Maroc) vs. J.S.K (Algérie):

At the TotalEnergies Confederation Cup final post-match press conference, an Algerian journalist stood up and disrupted the press conference.

Raja AC coach got involved in the matter and subsequently stood up and left the press conference following an exchange with CAF media officer. 

CAF invited Raja coach, Mr. Lasaad Chabbi to appear before the Disciplinary Board for a hearing regarding his behavior during the press conference. Mr. Chabbi expressed his apologies and regret for his behavior and elaborated on justifications for the escalation was based on a misunderstanding.

CAF Disciplinary board has decided :

·       To impose a fine of USD 10,000 on Raja Coach of which USD 5,000 is suspended on the condition that he is not guilty of such an offense for the duration of 24 months.

·       To impose a written declaration addressed to CAF by Raja coach in which he expresses the same apology expressed to the Disciplinary Board regarding his misconduct during the press conference of the CC final.

3. Withdrawal of participation of DR Congo from Beach Soccer AFCON:

On 18 May 2021, CAF received a declaration of withdrawal from the DR Congo national team of the Beach Soccer AFCON, sent by the President and the Secretary General of the Fédération Congolaise de Football Association (FECOFA). FECOFA did not provide explanation to justify such a forfeit.

_ CAF Disciplinary board has decided:_

·       To impose a fine of 5.000 USD (Five Thousand US Dollars) for having declared a forfeit less than (45) forty-five days before the start of the final competition for which DR Congo national association had qualified.

4. Incidents CAF CC 2021-2022 match - Young Africans (Tanzania) vs. Rivers United (Nigeria):

CAF received a complaint from Rivers United Club indicating that some of their officials were physically assaulted by the stewards at the stadium. The match was supposed to be played behind closed doors nevertheless, some spectators’ attendance was noted.

CAF sent the complaint to Young Africans Club through Tanzania Football Federation. However, CAF did not receive any feedback from the Tanzanian party.

CAF Disciplinary Board decided:

· To impose a financial sanction of 5,000 USD (Five Thousand US Dollars) against Young African (Tanzania) for the incidents which occurred during the match in question.

5. Decision against Tanzania Federation for recurrence of incidents during the home matches played in Tanzania:

CAF has noticed the recurrence of incidents during the home matches in Tanzania, whether in the frame of National Team competitions or CAF Interclub Competitions. The incidents vary from issues with the PCR testing, crowd being above the limit authorized during specific matches, issues within the dressing rooms and several complaints from various visiting teams.

CAF disciplinary board decided:

·       To impose a warning as result of the misconduct of Tanzania’s numerous clubs/teams participating under CAF Competitions in disregard of the provisions of art. 82 of the CAF Disciplinary Code. Tanzania Football Federation is kindly requested to respect CAF regulations, guidelines, and directives.

6. Incidents CAF CL 2021-22 match E.S Sétif (Algeria) vs. Fortune FC (Gambia):

CAF Disciplinary Board dealt with a case of misconduct during this fixture. CAF investigated the matter and addressed Gambia Football Federation who cooperated and identified the persons involved in the said incident.

CAF Disciplinary board has decided:

·       To suspend the General Secretary of Fortune FC Mr. Amadou LS Jaiteh for eight (8) CAF Interclubs matches.

·       To impose upon Mr. Amadou LS Jaiteh a fine of 10,000 USD (Ten Thousand US Dollars).

7. Incidents CAF CL 2021-22 Match APR FC (Rwanda) vs. Mogadishu FC (Somalia):

The Officials of the above-mentioned match indicated in their reports that after the end of the match, Mogadishu City assistant coach Mr. Liban Ahmed Mohamud aggressively entered the field of play and abused the referees and other team officials and players. His behavior caused mass confrontation and thus the above-mentioned assistant coach was sent off.  

CAF Disciplinary board has decided:

·       To suspend the Assistant Coach of Mogadishu FC Mr. Liban Ahmed Mohamud for four (4) CAF Interclubs matches.

·       To impose upon Mogadishu FC a financial sanction of 20,000 USD (Twenty Thousand US Dollars), with 10,000 USD (Ten Thousand US Dollars) suspended for a period of 24 months.

8. Incidents CAF CL 2021-22 Match AS Otoho (Congo) vs. US Da Songo (Mozambique):

The Officials of the above-mentioned match indicated in their reports that the players of the UD Songo physically attacked the referee on the 73rd minute of the match. During the penalty shootout, the same group of players further attacked the referee.

The following two players were expelled for their aggressive behavior towards the referees of the above-mentioned match; Bheu Antonio Januario and Timane Laque David Hunguane.

CAF Disciplinary board has decided:

·       To suspend both players for four (4) CAF Interclubs matches

·       To impose upon UD Songo a financial sanction of 20,000 USD (Twenty Thousand US Dollars), with 10.000 USD (Ten Thousand US Dollars) suspended for a period of 24 months.

9. Antidoping Case Dr Adama Sangaré (Mali team doctor) and Dr André Diarra (Mali team physiotherapist):

The matter above was transferred by FIFA to CAF Disciplinary Board. Following deliberation, the Board decided to initiate a disciplinary investigation against the doctors / officials Dr. Adama Sangaré and Dr. André Diarra for the anti-doping rule violations of CAF and FIFA.

The CAF Disciplinary Board heard from the doctors at the hearing.

CAF Disciplinary board has decided:

·       That the sanction previously imposed (namely the provisional suspension) is now lifted and that the doctors may resume their activities following the said decision.

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