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UKAD Statement on WADA Cyber Attack

UKAD Statement on WADA Cyber Attack

Press Release

15 September 2016 - In response to the news that five members of Team GB have had their personal data leaked, UK Anti-Doping Chief Executive, Nicole Sapstead said “WADA has confirmed that information pertaining to British athletes, obtained through an IOC ADAMS account created for the Rio 2016 Games, has been published online without prior permission of the athletes concerned.

UKAD strongly condemns actions of this nature and we are appalled that five members of Team GB have had their private data published illegally online. Not only does it undermine our work and the protection of clean sport, but it is grossly unfair to the athletes, whose personal data has been put at risk.

We continue to treat this matter with the utmost concern and seriousness, and we are working hard with WADA to urgently determine what impact, if any, this may have on other British athletes, and exactly what information may have been compromised.

Yesterday, as a precaution, we wrote to all members of Team GB to let them know that their information may be at risk. This morning we spoke to all those already affected, and are in the process of contacting others who we believe are most likely to be at risk, to provide them with additional support.

As the situation evolves - as more information becomes available to us from WADA - we will continue to keep those affected updated.

It is important to note that in the UK, applications for Therapeutic Use Exemptions, TUEs, are subject to a strict and independent process. Applications submitted to UKAD are assessed by at least three independent medics and are then referred to WADA, which has further independent oversight of applications.

This robust process is in place to ensure that TUEs are granted based solely on medical need - they are not an indication of doping. They are there to support the clean athlete’s right to compete, despite a medical condition.

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