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WBSC releases new #Safecall guidelines for events


The WBSC has released new safeguarding guidelines as part of its commitment to providing a safe environment at WBSC events, aimed at ensuring all stakeholders know how to identify and report harassment and abuse. The #Safecall guidelines for athletes are available in 13 different languages.

The World Baseball Softball Confederation (WBSC) has released new safeguarding guidelines for all stakeholders to ensure a safe sporting environment, free from all forms of harassment and abuse, at WBSC events.

The latest guidelines have been released as part of the #SafeCall campaign, which was launched in 2021 to serve and protect the rights and best interests of athletes. The guidance is designed to ensure that everyone involved in WBSC events - including athletes, officials, staff and athletes’ entourage - is aware of what constitutes harassment and abuse and how to report incidents if they are victims or witness it happening.

The guidelines have been split into five separate areas to ensure that all groups involved in events are given the materials and education they need to ensure they are able to play or work in a safe environment

The #Safecall guidelines for athletes are available in 13 different languages to ensure that young athletes who are not fluent in English are fully educated on abuse and the systems and processes in place should it take place. A copy will be shared with all teams prior to events, posted on site and the WBSC Integrity Unit aim to deliver workshops to every team during tournaments.

The version for WBSC officials and staff is available in two different languages and all WBSC event staff have already attended a short workshop, while it will also be included in the newly implemented Hosting Manual.

Team officials, including managers, coaches and medical staff, will also receive guidelines that are available in two languages, with the guidance presented in both pre-tournament organisational meeting and the briefing meeting at the event.

The two other sets of guidelines include one to be sent to all Safeguarding Officers that will attend WBSC tournaments and a more general document outlining behaviours to avoid, that would constitute harassment and abuse, and where this may occur. This includes information about staying safe online.

Chair of the WBSC’s Integrity Commission Ana Irene Delgado said: “The latest updates to the #Safecall guidelines will ensure that players, coaches, officials and WBSC staff at events are all provided with the information they need to help prevent abuse and harassment. This includes recognising what constitutes abuse and knowing the protocols in place to report incidents.

“The baseball and softball family have made great strides, especially since the introduction of the #Safecall guidelines in 2021, but there will always be work to do in this regard and we are determined to continue driving the importance of safeguarding forward.”

The full #Safecall Guidelines are available here.

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