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Webinar: Berlinger and BD Push Innovation In Blood Collection With The New MDR

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Berlinger has taken the new European Medical Device Regulation (MDR) 2017/745 as an opportunity to update to the latest generation of blood collection needles from Beckton Dickinson.

The MDR has a huge impact on their customers, in Europe especially, as each accessory package requires a separate and extensive validation. As part of this major project, Berlinger updated the blood collection needles in all human blood accessories to ensure continuity and innovation in times that are fragile and unpredictable due to the pandemic. These needles guarantee less trauma and pain during the blood collection process for the athletes, the highest blood quality for analysis and a high level of security in order to avoid needle stitches for the blood collection officers.

Join Patricia Benninger, Clinical Specialists (BD Life Sciences – Integrated Diagnostic Solutions) ​at Becton Dickinson, with her virtual training of the new needle technology and get to know the whole range of benefits for the anti-doping community and learn from Oliver Gehrig (host), Head of Sales & Marketing Anti-Doping Products at Berlinger, about the effects of the European MDR for the EU and the advantages for international customers.


Patricia Benninger

Clinical Specialists

BD Life Sciences – Integrated Diagnostic Solutions

Becton Dickinson AG

Dr. Oliver Gehrig

Head of Sales & Marketing Anti-Doping Products

Berlinger Special AG


More about Berlinger here.

The original article can be found here.

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