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Examining the new agreement between Football DataCo, Genius Sports and Perform Group - Episode 58

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Tuesday, 19 December 2017

In this podcast Ben Paterson, Integrity Operations Director at Genius Sports, Jake Marsh, Head of Integrity at Perform Group and Stephen Emberson, Intelligence and Integrity Analyst at The Football Association discuss the intricacies of Football DataCo's new "ground-breaking" integrity agreement with Genius Sports and Perform Group.

Whilst the agreement is an expansion of Football DataCo’s existing integrity monitoring provision, launched in 2014 with Genius Sports. The Genius Sports and Perform partnership is the first time that two global leaders in sports data and technology have joined forces to collaboratively protect the integrity of sport against match-fixing.

This new partnership will see all parties working together to develop a bespoke intelligence network, capitalising on Perform Group’s and Genius Sports’ extensive industry expertise and resources. This will facilitate the development of a unique intelligence database and analytical capability that will provide Football DataCo, the Leagues and the Football Association with greater visibility and protection against threats to their integrity of their competitions.

This combined technology will monitor all odds movements across 14 different competitions in English and Scottish football. This includes not just the core Premier League, EFL, and Scottish Professional Football League matches but also the English and Scottish FA Cups and steps 1-4 in the English National League.

Genius Sports and Perform Group will also work together to deliver a series of educational workshops aimed at arming players, officials and league and club executives with the knowledge to identify and avoid match-fixing’s growing threat.

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