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The future of African club football - CAF Club Licensing System and Stadiums Regulations

The future of African club football - CAF Club Licensing System and Stadiums Regulations
Monday, 12 December 2022

In July 2022, after a delay due the pandemic, the CAF Executive Committee adopted a new regulatory framework for the CAF Club Licensing System and Stadiums framework. The new regulations are the first major reform of CAF's club licensing system and stadiums since first introduced in 2012, which include regulations on men's club licensing, women's club licensing and stadium regulations.

We are joined by the following speakers:

  1. Farai Razano, Attorney, Razano Attorneys

  2. Brian Wesaala, Founder & Project Leader, Football Foundation for Africa

  3. Abdallah Shehata, Attorney at Law, Sportiva Law

  4. Muhammad Sidat, Head of Professional Football, Confederation of African Football

  5. Cynthia Mumbo, Founder & CEO, Sports Connect Africa

  6. Khayran Noor, Program Director, LawInSport

  7. Sean Cottrell, CEO, LawInSport

The interview can also be viewed on our youtube channel here.

In this podcast, our expert panel of speakers discuss:

  • The major changes and reforms adopted

  • How CAF plans to manage and oversee the implementation of the regulations

  • Do clubs have the resources to comply with the regulations?

  • The impact on African football

  • Implementation strategies to be adopted by clubs


We thoroughly enjoyed the interview and took a lot away from it. We hope you do the same. 


The host is Sean Cottrell (@spcott), founder and CEO of LawInSport.


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