Expansion of O’Bannon: a threat to the NCAA

“Once you leave your university, one would think your likeness belongs to you.” – Ed O’Bannon Published 22 March 2013 By: Kaitlyn Kacsuta

Basketball Hoop

While the notion of amateurism and the mystique of the "student-athlete" are romanticized ideals, they are simply fiction when it comes to the structures and systems that support them.  The NCAA is "big business in the United States, amassing nearly $846 million in annual revenue 2010-11." [1]  The reality is that the NCAA, its member institutions, and television partners have profited immensely from current and former student-athletes.[2]


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Kaitlyn Kacsuta

Kaitlyn Kacsuta

Kaitlyn Kacsuta is a third-year law student at Duquesne University in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania. Kaitlyn plans to focus her practice on sports law. She has started the sports law blog, Sport Counsel, and is intern for the sports business blog, Ruling Sports.