The NCAA cases: is it losing its hold on college sports in the United States?

Published 07 March 2013 By: John Wolohan

Basketball under foot

With a projected revenue of $871.6 million in 2012-13 the NCAA is fighting numerous legal battles that threaten its status as the regulator for college sport in America. John Wolohan discusses some of the key cases the NCAA are in battle over.


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John Wolohan

John Wolohan

John Wolohan is an Attorney and Professor of Sports Law in the Syracuse University Sport Management program and an Adjunct Professor in the Syracuse University College of Law. In addition to being one of the lead editors of the book "Law for Recreation and Sport Managers" by Cotten and Wolohan, John has been teaching and working in the fields of doping, antitrust, gaming law, and sports media rights for over 25 years.

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