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Armstrong’s pedalling furiously but where’s he going?

Monday, 21 January 2013 By Jack Anderson

He's fessed up at last but what are the legal implications arising out of Armstrong's confession on Oprah? Put simply, they are hard to predict. There are a lot of experts out there saying that he will be pursued by former sponsors etc but without actually seeing the contracts in question and their moral clauses (if any!), this is just speculation.

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Written by

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson

Jack Anderson is Special Counsel (Integrity Regulation) at Racing Victoria. Formerly Professor and Director of Sports Law Studies at the University of Melbourne, he has published extensively on sports law, most recently with D Thorpe, A Buti, P Jonson & J Anderson, Sports Law (4th ed, OUP, 2022).

He is a member of World Athletics’ Disciplinary Tribunal, the integrity unit of the International Hockey Federation, and the International Tennis Federation’s Ethics Commission. Jack is an arbitrator on Football Australia’s National Dispute Resolution Chamber, the National Sports Tribunal of Australia and Sport Resolutions UK.

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