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You say sponsorship, I say partnership: what gambling operators should look out for

You say sponsorship, I say partnership: what gambling operators should look out for
Tuesday, 15 January 2013 By Tom Grant

First published in iGaming Business

Any quiz boffin worth their salt will know that the first English football team to wear sponsored shirts was not Arsenal, Man United or Chelsea but non-league Kettering Town. It was January 1976 and the sponsor was Kettering Tyres. Despite the fact that Kettering was a relative footballing backwater and 1976 was a very different era in media coverage, it took the Football Association just four days to order the removal of the branding. Following a brief period of cat and mouse during which Kettering reduced their branding to "Kettering T" (claiming it stood for "Town" rather than "Tyres"), the threat of an FA fine finally wore Kettering's defiance down.

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Written by

Tom Grant

Tom Grant

Tom is a partner at Harris Hagan, the only law firm in the UK exclusively dedicated to gambling law. Tom advises on a broad range of commercial matters with a particular focus on gaming related products and services.

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  • Julian Igbeta

    • 06 March 2013 at 00:50
    • #

    It's worrying how some parties to sponsorship agreements fail to recognise and quickly spot the complexities involved until they occur. Thus leading to the agreements being altered at huge costs. Oh well! More money for lawyers eh.


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