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How to decide which sports management and law courses to enrol on? A US perspective

Distance Learning
Monday, 25 February 2019 By Glenn Wong, Samuel Renaut

This article was first written for and originally appeared in the December 2018 issue of NACDA’s magazine, Athletics Administration.

This article provides an insight into how the sports law and management programs have been developing in the United States of America as well as give practical considerations for students looking to select and undergraduate or postgraduate degree in these fields. Whilst this is focused on the courses in the USA the advice can be applied to non-USA courses.

If you find this article useful please leave a comment at the bottom, as this may form part of a series of articles on sports law and management education and career development.

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Written by

Glenn Wong

Glenn Wong

Executive Director, Sports Law and Business at Arizona State University

Glenn M. Wong is a sports lawyer, academic, consultant, arbitrator and author. He is a past-president of the Sports Lawyers Association (SLA) and SLA board member since 1998. He joined ASU in 2015 as a Disguished Professor of Practice after retiring as Professor Emeritus from the Isenberg School of Management, University of Massachusetts.

Samuel Renaut

Samuel Renaut

Asst. Director, Sports Law & Business; Coaches' Agent, Attorney, Arizona State University

Sam Renaut is the Director of ASU Law’s Sports Law & Business program. He is at the forefront of developing and growing the program, including curriculum, professional development, career services, strategic partnerships, fundraising, and more.

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