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Anti-Corruption in Sports
Tuesday, 27 March 2018

Despite high-profile crackdowns, corruption unfortunately continues to be serious issue for sports. Match-fixing cases and betting integrity investigations remain prevalent, while wide-ranging governance reforms are ongoing across many major governing bodies.

In light of this, here are our top articles and podcasts to explain the key legal issues surrounding match-fixing and betting integrity, and what is being done to combat the problems.

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    Proportionality of athlete sanctions - A review of the Nick Lindahl match-fixing case. Read article.

    By Kevin Carpenter

    The use of betting evidence to combat match-fixing: A review of the Joseph Lamptey decision. Read article.

    By Adam Brickell

    Football's greatest threat: Why technology & stakeholder collaboration are key to combating global match-fixing. Read article.

    By Henry Goldschmidt

    A guide to Germany’s new criminal law against betting fraud and match-fixing in sports. Read article.

    By Christian Keidel

    Can suspicious betting alerts prove match fixing? The case of KS Skënderbeu v UEFA. Read article.

    By Jamie Singer, Ross Brown

    Why sport needs a unified approach to sanctions for corruption offences. Read article.

    By Gemma White, Louis Weston

    'An Apple Watch in play to keep the pitcher at bay’: Major League Baseball’s latest cheating scandal. Read article.

    By Richard Liddell, Kevin Cooper

    Tackling match-fixing: a look at the UK’s new Anti-Corruption Plan. Read article.

    By Kevin Carpenter

    The continued rise of eSport – Efforts to combat match-fixing and improve integrity. Read article.

    By Ian Smith 

    A review of the IPL and BCCI spot-fixing scandal – governance, corruption and reform. Read article.

    By Shivam Singh

    Combating match-fixing in sport - a guide to the Council of Europe’s Convention on the Manipulation of Sports Competitions. Read article.

    By Kevin Carpenter

    For the love of sport: The fight against corruption needs to start young. Read article.

    By Ian Smith

    Match-fixing case law update: important lessons from Olaso, Blake and Vanakorn. Read article..

    By Kevin Carpenter

    An overview of the latest match-fixing policy developments in 2015. Read article.

    By Kevin Carpenter

    Tackling match-fixing: a look at the UK’s new Anti-Corruption Plan. Read article.

    By Kevin Carpenter

    Corruption in Endurance horseracing - phantom races, horse welfare and the way forward. Read article.

    By Elizabeth Rhodes Arun Chauhan



    Betting Integrity

    Betting and football’s ticking time bomb: Joey Barton v The FA. Read article.

    By Nick De Marco

    The major global challenges in managing data to protect sporting integrity. Read article.

    By Nick Fitzpatrick, Ruth Hoy 

    The integrity framework that can save the ‘Game Act’ and serve as a model for U.S. sports betting legalization. Read article.

    By Daniel L. Wallach, Kevin Carpenter, Leigh Thompson, Jack Anderson

    Sports Betting in the United States: Supreme Court begins hearing Christie v. NCAA. Read article.

    By John Wolohan

    The growth of daily fantasy sports betting and the legal issues it faces: an interview with Shergul Arshad. Read article.

    By Jake Cohen

    What does March Madness betting tell us about the integrity of US college basketball? Read article.

    By Jeffrey Benz

    Football’s zero tolerance rule on betting bites once again - Wayne Shaw pie eating case. Read article.

    By Phil Bonner

    How to protect the integrity of sport - key points from the Sport and Sports Betting Integrity Action Plan. Read article.

    By Leigh Thompson 

    US sports betting: why statutory interpretation may be key to New Jersey’s efforts to legalize gambling. Read article.

    By Daniel L Wallach

    Insight: New Jersey & US sports betting. Read article.

    By Sean Cottrell



    Examining the new agreement between Football DataCo, Genius Sports and Perform Group. Listen to podcast.
    By Sean Cottrell

    The integrity framework that can save the ‘Game Act’ & U.S. sports betting legalization. Listen to podcast.
    By Sean Cottrell

    Protecting the integrity of the Rugby World Cup - Ben Rutherford, Senior Legal Counsel and Integrity Unit Manager at World Rugby. Listen to podcast.
    By Sean Cottrell

    NFL's Next Gen Stats and Sportradar US deal explained: An exclusive interview with Ulrich Harmuth. Listen to podcast.
    By Sean Cottrell


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