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7 things I’ve learnt as a LawInSport Mentee – Grace Hockold

Grace Hockold
Wednesday, 09 August 2023 By Grace Hockold

When I applied for the mentoring scheme at the beginning of 2021, I was in the final year of my undergraduate degree in Law at Nottingham Trent University. When I began my degree, I knew I had an interest in sports law, electing to study it as a module in my final year alongside a dissertation on the freedom of speech in sport, specifically the Olympic Games. I had attended a few LawInSport events virtually due to the pandemic, and tried to engage more in article reading to stay informed on the latest legal news throughout my time at University.

I had many reasons for applying to the mentoring scheme, but the two that stood out to me as important were:

1. Being able to build relationships with fellow mentees, my mentor, and those I encountered throughout the year, and,

2. Find more out about the everyday role of a sports lawyer.

I wasn’t particularly aware of where my career was going, nor what I wanted to specialise in, but knew I really had the drive to learn more about sports law.

My year on the scheme hasn’t been straight forward, but my knowledge, confidence, and awareness of sports law has improved a lot. I have met some inspiring people who are the best at what they do, and learnt a lot from fellow mentees.

Here are 7 things I’ve learnt throughout the year that have shaped my knowledge in sports law and growth as an individual. I believe they may be useful to future mentees or someone who was in the same position as me at the start of the year.

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Written by

Grace Hockold

Grace Hockold

Grace is  a Regulatory Legal Advisor for the British Horseracing Authority.

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