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Transparent reporting in family law and its impact on sports stars

Press Court
Wednesday, 29 March 2023 By Nicola Wilburn-Shaw

We have all seen the sensationalist headlines when a high-profile sports personality’s marriage or relationship breaks down[1].

Until very recently, the right of media entry into the family court did not confer upon it the ability to report on what was seen and/or heard except for in extremely limited circumstances. 

The “Transparency in Family Court Reporting – Pilot Scheme” was introduced into family law proceedings on January 30 of this year and has the potential to change how family law is handled, reported and perceived for sports stars.

This article examines the latest Pilot Scheme on Transparency Reporting in Family Law and the impact it will have on sports stars. It will cover:

  • The pre-existing laws related to media coverage of family law proceedings;
  • The changes that could be rolled out across the UK as a result of a new pilot scheme;
  • What this could mean for media coverage and sports stars going through family law proceedings; and
  • Protecting the privacy of high-profile sporting stars in family proceedings.

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Written by

Nicola Wilburn-Shaw

Nicola Wilburn-Shaw

Nicola is a Partner and a family and sports lawyer at JMW Solicitors.  She is also a key member of the firm’s senior Sports division, regularly acting for high profile sports and media stars. Based in Manchester and London, she is much sought after by high and ultra-high net worth clients, particularly those involved in football, where she is renowned for keeping her clients’ personal matters during relationship breakdown out of the spotlight.

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