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Why the eSports industry needs to be aware of local laws in order to be successful in the Middle East

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Wednesday, 21 June 2017 By Raj Pahuja

This article explores the main legal issues affecting eSports in the Middle East.  Specifically, it looks at the issues facing:

  • Media partners

  • Players

  • Sponsors; and

  • Integrity issues

For a general introduction to eSports, please see the “eSports Uncovered” series, available here.[1]

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Written by

Raj Pahuja

Raj Pahuja

I am a partner at Harrison Clark Rickerbys Solicitors. As a commercial lawyer with broad international and domestic experience in a variety of sectors, including sports and events, I take a great interest in advising on complex laws which govern businesses of all types. From advising on sponsorship arrangements, event management, concessions, franchising, licensing and IT contracts on the commercial side and M&A, debt and equity arrangements and shareholder issues on the corporate side, my experience is broad. I have significant international experience, having lived and worked in the Middle East and acting on a number of key sports events in the region. My clients include sports management companies, athletes, sporting brands, private equity investors, and event organisers.    


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