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Press Release

11th December 2020,

People all over the world can now access educational materials via the newly upgraded UEFA Academy Online platform.

The UEFA Academy provides opportunities for professionals working in football to raise their game off the pitch through dedicated management training. Its wide range of courses help executives and specialists, including doctors and lawyers as well as professional players, develop their skills to gain a footing in the administrative side of the sport.

Now, via the new UEFA Academy Online, we are sharing expert knowledge and best practices with a wider audience, allowing anybody who is interested in this side of the game to access materials on a variety of topics, including strategic and operational management, football development, grassroots, women’s football and much more.

Used by European football's 55 member associations to optimise their business, the UEFA Academy Online platform takes users inside the professional game with videos, presentations and courses designed to assist in your daily activities and in strategic thinking.

More than 1,000 documents are now available to the public, covering 12 languages, so take a look now!


Current students and graduates of UEFA Academy programmes can still benefit from additional and exclusive features on the new platform, including:

- 1000 additional resources
- access to the directory of the UEFA Academy Alumni Network
- the digital UEFA Handbook of Football Association Management
- the UEFA Toolbox in Football Management

Take the next step with the UEFA Academy

The brand-new UEFA Academy website details its range of courses and programmes, as well as highlighting some of the exclusive content available to industry professionals and elite players.

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