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January 25, 2016 - SportsRISQ, the London-based company that provides structured finance products to the sports sector, has signed English Premier League club Everton and English Championship side Fulham to its revolutionary new platform, the RISQ Performance Dashboard.

The RISQ Performance Dashboard is a new business intelligence tool specifically designed for football club executives. It enables them to track, analyse and control the increasing financial impact of performance by combining the club’s contractual, commercial and financial data with RISQ predictive analytics.

Football clubs using the RISQ Performance Dashboard are able to integrate detailed, real-time financial analysis, reporting and projections into their weekly, monthly and season-long planning and administration. The Dashboard also gives clubs access to bespoke financial solutions, enabling them to control risk across their key areas of exposure.

Results on the pitch, combined with the increased use of performance clauses in contracts, have major financial implications for football clubs. In Everton and Fulham we are delighted to have two forward-thinking partners improving control over their finances across the season with the RISQ Performance Dashboard,” said Max Hamilton, Head of Sport at RISQ.

Robert Elstone, CEO of Everton, said: “Everton is committed to ensuring its forecasting, reporting and control procedures are accurate, timely and comprehensive. Accordingly, we were extremely impressed by the capabilities of the SportsRISQ platform.

We are excited to work with SportsRISQ to secure further improvements to a key area of the club’s business, and are confident our partnership will provide valuable additional insight to our decision-making”.

Sean O'Loughlin, Financial Director at Fulham FC, added: "The RISQ Performance Dashboard will give us the tools to run, plan and report our finances more effectively than ever – something that is integral to the club given the growing financial stakes in football.

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