Slovenian Sports Marketing Business Symposium

17th October 2013 - Slovenia

Globally, the business of sport is developing and the sponsorship industry is growing rapidly despite the economic and financial crisis.

This is why it is very important to ensure that sponsors and sponsored athletes in our region are familiar with the laws of this business as well as their rights and obligations. This way, they can improve their negotiation starting point when entering a sponsorship relationship and better utilize their sponsorships.

On the 17th October 2013, Sportelement d.o.o., will host the inaugural Slovenian Sports Marketing Business Symposium.The purpose of the Symposium is moving the borders and starting to recognize sport as a business in Central Europe. In this way, we hope to give our contribution to the professionalization of sports industry as a whole, which is currently in the hands of too many "only" sports enthusiasts and not approached as a business activity. Introducing the good practices and standards from evolved markets will by any doubt help in understanding the complex world of sports industry. The Symposium is intended for all sports stakeholders.

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