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An interview with Ricardo Oliveras Salva - Head of Sports Law at ECIJA - Episode 60

Ricardo Oliveras Podcast Interview
Tuesday, 27 February 2018

In this podcast, Ricardo Oliveras Salva, Head of Sports Law and Corporate partner at ECIJA, speaks with Sean Cottrell, Founder and CEO at LawInSport, about his experience with working on international sporting events, FIFA World Cup bidding process, particularly the Spain Portugal bid, ISDE Barcelona's academic programs, key sports law issues in Spain, his transition into Corporate law and his path to becoming one of Spain's top sports lawyers.

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For further insight into Ricardo's career, please also see:

"Ricardo is the Head of Sports Law and Corporate partner at ECIJA. Attorney with extensive experience in business and sports law, began his career at KPMG Abogados in 1997. In the sports industry, Ricardo has been a corporate lawyer for organizers of international sporting events (America’s Cup Management -2004 to 2007 – Superleague Formula Motorsport Series -2008 to 2011 -) and has worked as a consultant on legal matters related to sports federations and national and international sports associations, right-holders/ promoters of sporting events, clubs, agencies/ agents and professional athletes in general companies and professionals operating in the field of sport, allowing him to have a broad knowledge on the operation of the sports industry in all its aspects. Among his recent collaborations, we highlight the advice to FIFA as legal counsel in Spain in the selection process of the host country to host the World Cup 2018.

In the commercial field, Ricardo advises numerous national and international companies in the field of commercial contracts and corporate law, as well as several technology start-ups, occupying the position of director or secretary in several of their clients. PDG (general management program) from IESE business school. Master in Business Law from the ISDE (Institute of Law and Economics). Lecturer on the ‘LLM in International Sport’ ISDE. Member of the Spanish Association of Sports Law.

Ricardo speaks Spanish, Catalan and English.

He is recognized by the prestigious international ranking Best Lawyers amongst the best Sports law lawyers in the Spanish market."

Sean Cottrell

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