A guide for young footballers on how on to choose an agent

Published 11 February 2019 By: Daniel Lowen

Football Agent

This article offers some practical tips (drawn from the author’s experience) on how to select a football agent. Specifically, it looks at:

  • The challenges facing young players

  • What an agent can do to help a young player

  • How a player can pick the right agent for himself

  • Points to consider before making the final decision

This article is aimed not only at players, but also their parents or guardians who may well play a crucial role in identifying, choosing and working with an agent. In England, a player is permitted under The FA’s regulations to sign a representation contract with an agent from the 1st day in January of the year of his 16th birthday.1 However, a representation contract with an under-18 year old player must also be countersigned by the player’s parent or guardian.2 In practice, it will often be the parent or guardian of a young player who liaises most closely with the agent and it’s therefore important that the agent holds the trust of both the player and his family.


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Daniel Lowen

Daniel Lowen

Dan Lowen, Level Law

Dan is a sports lawyer who is recognised as a leading adviser in the football industry. He has over 15 years’ experience advising players and agents on all aspects of their careers. For advice on choosing an agent, or if a player, family member or agent has any questions arising out of this article, Dan’s contact details can be found at www.level.law

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