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Official statement from FIFPro who are "disappointed by CAS decision on Suarez"

FIFPro is disappointed that the Court of Arbitration for Sport (CAS) has decided not to strongly diminish the sanctions that the FIFA Disciplinary Committee had imposed on Luis Suarez.
CAS today – Thursday August 14th – generally confirmed the sanctions imposed by FIFA, which means that Suarez has to serve a four-month club football ban and a nine-match international ban. CAS also upheld the fine of 100,000 Swiss francs.
CAS did alter the 4-month ban from all football related activities. It will only apply for official matches. It will no longer apply to other football-related activities such as training, promotional activities and administrative matters. This implies that Suarez is cleared to train with his new club, FC Barcelona from Spain.
CAS still has not published the grounds for its decision. FIFPro is awaiting these grounds, to be able to make a thorough statement.
Nevertheless, FIFPro wants to express its disappointment with the decision. FIFPro – the voice of all professional footballers worldwide – remains of the view that the current sanctions are disproportionate in relation to his violation of the FIFA Disciplinary Code.
FIFPro does welcome the fact that CAS has cancelled the four-month ban from all football-related activity, which was unfair to Suarez as it infringed his right to work at club level.
FIFPro regrets that CAS has not decided to reduce the length of both bans in exchange for an obligation for Suarez to receive treatment.

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