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New guidance on how clubs should treat social media misconduct by footballers

Tuesday, 03 February 2015 By John Mehrzad QC, Seyra Dagadu

The brand valuation of a football club forms a significant part of its total value. For instance, Bayern Munich, Arsenal and Manchester United alone have a combined brand valuation in excess of £550 million.1 Given the rise in use of Twitter2 by fans and footballers alike, tweets have the potential to affect how clubs are perceived, which in turn impacts their brand value as well as the reputation of the sport. 

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Written by

John Mehrzad QC

John Mehrzad QC

John Mehrzad QC was appointed Silk after only 13 years’ practice – the fastest appointee in the 2019 competition.  With a background in employment law and commercial law, his sports law at Littleton Chambers, London, practice focuses, on the one hand, on financial disputes between clubs, managers, players, intermediaries, associations and commercial partners – usually before FA, PL or EFL arbitrations, or before FIFA or the CAS.  

Seyra Dagadu

Seyra Dagadu

Seyra Dagadu has a keen interest in Commercial Law and the profession of sports. He has a background in Law and Business from the University of Warwick where he also played football winning both the league and varsity cups.

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