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Sports Integrity (Betting And Financial Corruption) – The Year In Review 2020/21

Sports Integrity (Betting And Financial Corruption) – The Year In Review 2020/21
Thursday, 29 April 2021 By Louis Weston

Welcome to the Sports Integrity (Betting and Financial Corruption) chapter of the Sports Law Yearbook 2020/2021. 

The aim of this Chapter is to identify and review some of the notable cases and events in 2020/2021 and to discuss what trends might be drawn from them.

And what a year it has been, the tail end comment on ‘Corona’ in last year’s review perhaps understated the impact that the worldwide Covid crisis has had on the world of sport[1].  It has consequentially been a terrible year for ticket touts and pitch-siders and even the Mafia is reported to be taking a hit to its revenues with the loss of illegal gambling opportunities on sport[2] – you can’t furlough a capo - but the work of those engaged in sports anti-corruption units around the world has not stopped because of it.  

So, this Chapter proposes a round up of the efforts of tackling corruption from around the world under these headings:

  1. Two Key Themes
  2. Corruption cases and fights against it:
    1. Disciplinary and state police activity in tennis, Esports and around the world;
    2. Cases without criminal element;
    3. Organised crime in sports during a pandemic – ghost events;
    4. Match fixing and football betting cases;
    5. Governance corruption;
    6. The need for sport corruption legislation.
  3. Conclusions

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Written by

Louis Weston

Louis Weston

Barrister, Outer Temple Chambers

Louis is a Barrister practising from chambers at Outer Temple. He is expert in corruption and misfeasance in sport.

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